At Trinity we love the Bible because it is God’s own Word to communicate to us, revealing timeless truths of an eternal God. God’s Word teaches us the nature of reality and most importantly, our relationship to God through Jesus Christ. Therefore at Trinity we read and study the Word, hear it preached and find in it God’s infallible instruction to us.

  • Where it reveals God’s wrath against unrighteousness we tremble before the Almighty.

  • Where it exposes our sin, we repent in all humility.

  • Where it declares the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord we rejoice with grateful hearts.

  • Where it directs our hearts and lives we obey with cheerfulness and diligence.

The Bible is the only solid foundation upon which we build our lives. All competing claims to truth are shifting sands. The Holy Spirit by the Word guides us in all truth, shelters us through the storms of life, and brings us to our heavenly home.